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10 Reasons to love Israel – part 6: we have roots in Israel!

Is it important to stand with Israel and why should we do so? In a

Revive Europe Revive Europe 3 Min Read

Miracles in Ukraine, Feast of Tabernacles and God is Faithful

In times of hardship it is often difficult for people to believe that God is

Tirza de Jong Tirza de Jong 9 Min Read

People spontaneously baptized at ‘Flood Rotterdam’, prelude to Awakening Europe: “This is going to be historic”

"'The Flood' has begun!" Ben Fitzgerald shares on his Instagram. 150 people took to the

Revive Europe Revive Europe 3 Min Read

Uri Steinberg shares about a new software to protect against the effects of porn through social media

In Shawn Bolz’s Instagram series ‘Exploring the Marketplace’ Uri Steinberg got interviewed. He is a

Laura Bos Laura Bos 2 Min Read

Evangelist Nathan Morris during gospel campaign in Latvia: “God has sent me to sound an alarm”

“I don’t need to tell you the times that we’re living in. If you turn

Tirza de Jong Tirza de Jong 3 Min Read

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American evangelist believes it is time for Europe to walk out the gospel and kick lukewarm Christianity out of the door

Evangelist Victoria Osborn is traveling across Europe and sees signs, wonders and miracles everywhere she goes. Currently she is finishing

Laura Bos Laura Bos 5 Min Read

Lisa was delivered from addiction and a spirit of lukewarmness: “I could feel the tangible presence of God”

In a video posted on the Facebook page of Kathryn Krick, Lisa Haydon shared her testimony of how she was

Revive Europe Revive Europe 3 Min Read

Season 3 of The Chosen is coming – “We are trying to show the humanity of Jesus”

Almost a year after The Chosen’s Christmas special, the first two episodes of season 3 will be shown in US

Revive Europe Revive Europe 2 Min Read

Pro-life prayer vigils are now allowed in front of Pro-Familia offices in Germany

Pro Familia is a German organisation with many offices throughout the country. These counselling centres give advice about sexuality, pregnancy,

Mirte Boot Mirte Boot 1 Min Read

Short film “The God Who Sees” tells story of Biblical figures in original way

“The God Who Sees” is a short musical film, telling the story of Hagar, Ruth, David, and Mary Magdalene. The

Mirte Boot Mirte Boot 2 Min Read

The Bundesverband Lebensrecht invites people for a pro-life demonstration in Berlin

The Bundesverband Lebensrecht (BVL) invites people to gather for a pro-life demonstration on the 17th of September. The organization is

Revive Europe Revive Europe 2 Min Read

‘Ex-hooligan’ Gideon owns a kickboxing gym where he prays for healing: “I see revival”

Gideon Nussy went through a lot in his childhood: his parents were arrested and as a soccer hooligan he came

Tirza de Jong Tirza de Jong 9 Min Read
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