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Dutch farmers kneel before God in times of pressure: ‘Lord heal our land’

In times of pressure and difficulty, Dutch farmers gathered for a time of prayer and

Laura Bos Laura Bos 3 Min Read

Spain We Pray For You marches held in cities all over the country

This month, Spain We Pray For You marches took place in cities all throughout Spain.

Mirte Boot Mirte Boot 1 Min Read

New Italian PM Giorgia Meloni has clear message: ‘We will defend God, country and family’

After the conservative right-wing party Fratelli d'Italia won the Italian elections, party leader Giorgia Meloni

Tirza de Jong Tirza de Jong 2 Min Read

Media organisation IRR-TV organises nation-wide media mission to reach all of Finland

This autumn, the Christian media organisation IRR-TV will organise a nation-wide media campaign in Finland.

Mirte Boot Mirte Boot 3 Min Read

ProVision Romania helps people in poorest parts of the country: “Our main purpose is to help them find Jesus”

In 2010, ProVision Romania was founded by Marian and Cristina Ciurariu-Gliga. Through this ministry, they

Mirte Boot Mirte Boot 10 Min Read

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Pro-life prayer vigils are now allowed in front of Pro-Familia offices in Germany

Pro Familia is a German organisation with many offices throughout the country. These counselling centres give advice about sexuality, pregnancy,

Mirte Boot Mirte Boot 1 Min Read

National Day of Prayer for Schools in UK: “To shape the nation we need to learn how to serve schools!”

Today, on September 22, the PAIS Movement and Youthscape combine forces and call for a day of prayer for schools

Mirte Boot Mirte Boot 2 Min Read

Thousands of Bibles distributed in Ukraine: “A light has come in the dark”

Riforma.it reports that around 168,000 Bibles and other Biblical books have recently been distributed in Ukraine. The British and Foreign

Mirte Boot Mirte Boot 2 Min Read

Words have power – speak life!

You might have heard or read it before, but words have power. When you speak negative words, those words have

Mirte Boot Mirte Boot 5 Min Read

Hanno and Rhodé emigrated to Hungary: “We are coming to serve”

After two years of preparation, Hanno and Rhodé Tramper emigrated to Hungary in June. They now work for the organisation

Mirte Boot Mirte Boot 11 Min Read

7,1 billion people have access to the Bible, and more translations are in the works

Evangeliques Info reports that since the beginning of 2022, 7,1 billion people have access to parts of the Bible in

Mirte Boot Mirte Boot 2 Min Read

10 reasons to love Israel: part 1 – God loves Israel

Is it important to stand with Israel and why should we do so? In a series of 10 blogs, Benjamin

Revive Europe Revive Europe 3 Min Read
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