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British PM in Rosh Hashanah message: “I will be a friend of Israel and will always be on your side”

“As Jewish families come together to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, it is a moment of renewal”,

Tirza de Jong Tirza de Jong September 27, 2022

American evangelist believes it is time for Europe to walk out the gospel and kick lukewarm Christianity out of the door

Evangelist Victoria Osborn is traveling across Europe and sees signs, wonders and miracles everywhere she

dkvandenbos@gmail.com dkvandenbos@gmail.com September 8, 2022

Prophetic words about a coming war: can it still be avoided and what is our role as believers?

Recently Dr. Sharon Stone was in Amsterdam for the European Prophetic Council. In a video

Tirza de Jong Tirza de Jong December 7, 2022

Norwegian public broadcaster to broadcast church services every Sunday for the first time in history

For the first time in history church services will be broadcasted every Sunday by the

Tirza de Jong Tirza de Jong August 25, 2022

Irish school teacher bravely defends his faith, despite facing jail for it

According to RTE News, secondary school teacher, Enoch Burke was sent to jail last Monday.

Revive Europe Revive Europe September 8, 2022

Spanish Evangelical Alliance asks Iranian ambassador for release of four sentenced Christians in Iran

In Iran four Christians have recently been sentenced to prison. Two of them have been

Tirza de Jong Tirza de Jong August 30, 2022