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Evangelist Jay Smith organizes his first gospel campaign in the UK: ‘ It is not the great suggestion, it is the great commission’

A great gospel invasion is preparing the ground for the ‘nights of freedom’ in Dudley,

Laura Bos Laura Bos October 7, 2022

Young people in Northern Ireland gather in worship: “We declare that Gen Z is a generation sold out for God!”

Saturday night church family Igniting Ireland organized an event in Armagh, Northern Ireland where especially

Tirza de Jong Tirza de Jong October 11, 2022

Revival at Awakening Europe: many baptisms, more than a thousand people give their lives to Jesus

Rotterdam has been flooded with evangelists who brought the gospel this past week, but who

Revive Europe Revive Europe July 18, 2022

Nathan and Elena empower people to use their talents for God’s kingdom: “The church needs to come alive”

Six years ago, Nathan and Elena Goodearl moved from the UK to the Netherlands to

Mirte Boot Mirte Boot October 6, 2022

Hanno and Rhodé emigrated to Hungary: “We are coming to serve”

After two years of preparation, Hanno and Rhodé Tramper emigrated to Hungary in June. They

Mirte Boot Mirte Boot July 13, 2022

A call to prayer for Ukraine on its Independence Day

Tomorrow, on August 24, it will be Independence Day in Ukraine. On this day, it

Mirte Boot Mirte Boot August 23, 2022