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Franklin Graham responds to the death of former Soviet leader Gorbachev, shows appreciation for his role in ending cold war

American Evangelical Christian leader, the Rev. Franklin Graham, posted a message on Facebook in which

Revive Europe Revive Europe September 1, 2022

Jolien Wolfsen decided to leave everything behind to become a missionary: ‘We cannot find excuses to be disobedient to God’

What if God calls you to do something that is against the expectations of others?

Laura Bos Laura Bos October 19, 2022

Hungarian government adds step to abortion process: women must listen to heartbeat of their child

The Hungarian government has issued a decree that women have to listen to the heartbeat

Mirte Boot Mirte Boot September 21, 2022

10 reasons to love Israel: part 2 – God is a God Who keeps His covenant

Is it important to stand with Israel and why should we do so? In a

Tirza de Jong Tirza de Jong August 29, 2022

Be transformed by beholding God

Did you know you can be transformed by beholding God? In a short video Bible

Tirza de Jong Tirza de Jong October 18, 2022

Broken leg of motorcyclist in England gets healed after missionary prays for him

Along with his wife Leticia, young evangelist Luca Martini is working as a barista in

Tirza de Jong Tirza de Jong October 17, 2022