After 24 years of translating, the Ossetian Bible is now being prepared for publication in Russia

24 years ago translators began translating the Bible into the Ossetian language. Before they started the project, the translators had

Tirza de Jong Tirza de Jong August 31, 2022

Broken leg of motorcyclist in England gets healed after missionary prays for him

Along with his wife Leticia, young evangelist Luca Martini is working as a barista in a missionary café in London,

Tirza de Jong Tirza de Jong October 17, 2022

Evangelist Nathan Morris during gospel campaign in Latvia: “God has sent me to sound an alarm”

“I don’t need to tell you the times that we’re living in. If you turn on your news, if you

Tirza de Jong Tirza de Jong October 11, 2022
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